Terms and conditions


To enter the Neil Bastian Song Prize competition, you must accept these terms and conditions. Your entry email will constitute your confirmation that you accept them. To enter, you must:

  • be 18 years old or over
  • have a bank account (only the winner will be asked for their bank account details, to pay the prize into)
  • have musical accompaniment of some kind on your vocal demo
  • provide a YouTube link as your entry – any other kind of link will be disregarded.


  • The prize money depends on the amount of entries received, so please share your entry on social media and tell people about the competition to help raise the prize total.
  • You can send in as many different entry demos as you like, but only one demo can win.
  • Duplicate entries of the same demo will be disregarded and won’t count as an entry – only the first entry of a run of duplicates will be taken as genuine and count as one entry.
  • If you are (or used to be) a friend, classmate or colleague of Neil Bastian, or if you’re a family member of his, you can’t enter the competition. Twitter followers can enter as long as they don’t fall into those categories.
  • The competition is open to anyone in the world.
  • If you win the competition, it doesn’t increase your chance of being cast in any future production of Force Ten Gayle, or any future show by Neil Bastian.
  • There won’t be a prize-giving ceremony – the winner will be informed by email and announced online.
  • Neil Bastian will deposit the winner’s prize into the bank account associated with the email address that first submitted the winning entry – he will not be liable for or enter into any dispute about the distribution of the prize money between collaborators. So you might want to agree on a split with your collaborators before you enter, in case you win.
  • By entering, you agree that Neil Bastian can share your video or the audio of your video with anyone, online or off (even if you don’t win) as long as he doesn’t charge for it.
  • The prize will be the value in pounds on the day the winner receives the winnings – if the winner isn’t from the UK, they will receive the equivalent in their national currency based on that day’s exchange rate.
  • If Neil Bastian decides to promote any of the entries in a ‘latest entries’ section of this website before the closing date, it doesn’t mean any of these entries has a better chance of winning than ones that don’t feature on such a page.
  • If any of the videos contain pornographic, upsetting or what is generally accepted as offensive content, it will be disqualified.
  • Your email address won’t be passed on to any third parties.
  • The closing date may be changed to allow the prize total to reach a near milestone.
  • The judge’s decision is final and the no discussion or correspondence about the decision will be entered into.
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