To enter, sing a terrific version of one (or more) of the songs listed under the example video. Use whatever accompaniment you like.

EXAMPLE VIDEO (You don’t have to make a lyric video like this: a basic audio demo with a still photo is fine, or a video of a live performance. More advanced videos will only be an advantage if there’s a tie for the prize).

Eligible songs

All the demos below (except Sophisticated Lady) are sung by me, even though most are for a woman – hence the need for this competition!

There are a few men’s songs, but if you’re a bloke who likes one of the women’s songs, you could interpret it as a gay character singing about another man. Or you can just take a gender-neutral approach and sing whatever you want!

The first lot below are from Force Ten Gayle, a musical I’m working on. It’s about a superstar singer, Gayle Bailey, and her relationship with Jason, the son she gave away for adoption 25 years ago.

Stand-alone songs
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More songs by Neil Bastian (not in the competition)