Force Ten Gayle

Here are the demos so far for Force Ten Gayle, my musical about Gayle Bailey, a British superstar singer who’s tracked down the son she gave up for adoption in America 25 years ago.

It’s VERY early days, so all subject to change.

(So Debonair, I Can’t Go On Like This and The Woman I Am are full-band demos, so you might want to hear those first. The rest are basic guitar demos. All of them are sung by me, but a lot of them will be sung by the two lead female characters.)

Force Ten Gayle

(GUITAR DEMO ONLY) For her first song, we see Gayle Bailey in full flight, singing her signature song in a concert – the full, Shirley Bassey/John Barry deal, complete with sequins, big hair and a wind machine.


(EARLY GUITAR DEMO ONLY) Pat Gates, terminally ill Buffalo NY bar chanteuse, sings to her son Jason about her obsession with superstar British singer Gayle Bailey. She’s thrilled that he’s landed a job ghost-writing her heroine’s autobiography. She wants to meet her.

My Journey to the Past

(GUITAR DEMO ONLY) Gail Bailey invites her autobiography ghost-writer, Jason, to accompany her as she looks back at her life and loves.

Girl About Town

(GUITAR DEMO ONLY) This fast, showtune-style number arrives to find Gayle’s younger self in full party mode. Fuller version available soon.

So Debonair

(FULL BAND DEMO) She meets an irresistible man (Jason’s natural father) and extols his defining characteristic in humorous, swooning detail.

I Screwed It Up

(NO DEMO YET) Frustrated rock song. Jason’s screwed up his book deal with Gayle.

I’ll Take Care of You

(NO DEMO YET) Jason promises to help pay for his mother’s operation in Europe, even though he’s just ruined his book gig with Gayle.

My Man from St Tropez

(PIANO DEMO) Jason’s back in Gayle’s good books – working on the autobiography again. In this rhapsodic celebration of the ideal man, our heroine reveals that after years of partying, she is finally in love (with Jason’s real father – but he doesn’t know that yet).

This Is Bliss

(GUITAR DEMO ONLY) Up-tempo, summer dance track. Gaye remembers when life could not be better – when she was deeply thankful for all she had.

One of the Greats

(GUITAR DEMO ONLY) Pat Gates comically imagines what it would be like to be a superstar like her heroine, Gayle Bailey.

I Can’t Go On Like This

(FULL BAND DEMO) Heartbreak has given way to anger in this sardonic tango as Gayle remembers how unreliable Jason’s father was. At the end of the song, Jason confronts her about the fact that she is his real mother – something he has realised in the book research.

The Things that I Put Up With

(ROUGH GUITAR DEMO ONLY) Willy, Gayle Bailey’s long-suffering personal assistant, sings about how difficult she is to deal with. It’s a love/hate thing.

My Darling Boy

(GUITAR DEMO ONLY) Jason has found out who his real mother is, and storms off, distraught at the fact she never lifted a finger toward his upbringing. Alone on stage, Gayle sings about her adoration for her grown-up son – and her guilt at having abandoned him as a baby.

I Always Meant to Tell You

(GUITAR DEMO ONLY) Pat, Jason’s bar-room singer mother, explains why she never told him he’s adopted.

Me, Nervous?

(GUITAR DEMO ONLY) Gayle pretends she doesn’t give a hoot about meeting the woman who brought up her only son.

Where Were You?

(GUITAR DEMO ONLY) Jason and Pat vent their anger to Gayle about why she, a millionaire singer, never contributed a single cent to bring up Jason up.

The Woman I Am

(FULL BAND DEMO) Pat, dying, asks Gayle to sing her biggest hit. Halfway through, Pat takes over the vocal – and they sing the last verse and chorus together – two mothers of the same gay son, Jason.

Force 10 Gayle (reprise)

(GUITAR DEMO ONLY) For the curtain call, Pat is resurrected, and the entire cast take turns to sing Gayle Bailey’s signature song (including Willy, Gayle’s prissy personal assistant, to hilarious effect).