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“Kids today grow up too quick.” For Mary and Mervyn May, the phrase has become a sick joke: after years of trying, they’ve finally been blessed with a son – only to be told on the morning of his birth that he’ll be dead by midnight.

“What’ll he die of?” they ask.

“Old age,” comes the diagnosis.

For little Barnaby May is suffering from an extraordinary condition: a one-in-a-billion metabolic defect has doomed him to grow at a phenomenally accelerated rate. The forecast is bleak – he’ll be out of nappies within the hour, and hitting puberty come lunchtime. By the time the evening news begins, he’ll be more grey-haired than the anchorman – and twice as arthritic.

With no known cure, Dr Davies wants to use the infant for vital research, but Mary is defiant: “If my son’s got only a day to live, he’s not spending it in some Dettol-drenched laboratory!” Marching her husband and child out of the hospital, she vows to give Barnaby the fullest life possible in the brief time allotted – and this includes a sex life.


The Mayfly Man is a contemporary fantasy which will enchant readers with its page-turning compulsiveness – how will Barnaby cope as his day marches relentlessly on and time runs mercilessly out?

But the book’s deeper appeal springs from its universal theme. We all worry how best to spend out limited life-span, and ‘The Mayfly Man’ confronts this anxiety in a twenty-first century fable to tickle the funnybone and touch the heart.

NOTE: The Mayfly Man is an ‘adult fairy tale’ because it contains some scenes that touch on sexual issues. It is not, however, erotica.

The Mayfly Man – An Adult Fairy Tale is available now.

*#4, Amazon Kindle USA Chart (Fiction – Mythology), 7 March 2013

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