The King Thing

The King Thing by Neil Bastian - book cover

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The King Thing: Summary

Jamie, a twenty-two-year-old university graduate, is tall, blond, and about to be crowned King of England.

Griff is a thirtysomething, scarecrow-haired shambles of a petty crook who has drawn his younger brother Tudor into a spectacularly ill-judged armed robbery attempt.

When Jamie stumbles accidentally into the midst of Griff’s heist, the scene is set for a battle of wits which will horrify the Palace, divide the constabulary, confound the government, and thrill a global television audience – all on the eve of the Coronation.

By morning, the world will know whether Jamie will be crowned or Griff will reign supreme.

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Prince William holds the future of the British monarchy in his hands – The King Thing is a humorous ‘what if..?’ thriller which examines what could happen if he were forced to play that hand far earlier than expected.

And the novel explores our collective desire to escape from the responsibilities of adulthood – Jamie’s crisis of conscience shows us that even the most privileged can dread the role mapped out for them.

If you’re looking for a Prince William book or a Prince William biography, The King Thing will pique your interest as a fictional account of what the future monarch may have felt as a young man. It may even reflect what he feels today…

* #1, Amazon US Kindle Chart (Fiction – Alternative History) 25 March 2013

2 thoughts on “The King Thing

  1. This is exciting news, Neil. Thank you for publishing the link to the Kindle Reading App – I don’t have a Kindle, so this makes things very easy for me! I am looking forward to reading and reviewing your book. Congratulations my literary friend! xx

    1. Thanks very much, Wendy. I hope you like it – I have no idea what it’s like after a month editing it! The next one’s very different – I’ll be editing that this month and I’m hoping to get it onto Amazon by the end of October. xxx

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