Neil Bastian Song Prize

Neil BastianSING TO WIN up to £1,000 (free to enter)

I’m a London-based songwriter looking for great singers and arrangers (professional or amateur) to make demos of my songs. If you enter the competition, you could win up to £1,000. Closing date Tue 28 Feb 2017, 11.59pm.

THE MORE ENTRIES, THE HIGHER THE PRIZE – if you promote your entry and the competition on social media, you’ll increase your chance of winning a bigger prize. The winning entry will get:

  • £1,000 if there are 50 or more entries
  • £800 if there are 40-49 entries
  • £700 if there are 30-39 entries
  • £500 if there are 20-29 entries
  • £300 if there are 10-19 entries
  • £150 if there are 1-9 entries


ABOUT YOU – You can be from anywhere in the world. You and any accompanist must be over 18. You can be amateur, student or professional.

THE ACCOMPANIMENT – Your entry must have a musical accompaniment – single instrument or as many as you like, synthesised or real, a big band sound, a rock band sound – whatever, as long as it’s a musical accompaniment. You can base your arrangement on the chord sheets provided with each song.

YOUR DEMO – Must be uploaded onto YouTube. It doesn’t have to be a complex video – all that matters is that it’s a great vocal and accompaniment. (It could be just an  audio demo playing over your photo, or it could be a live video demo of you singing the song with your accompanist(s). It could be a complicated, edited video, mimed to your premixed track. Whatever, the best vocal/accompaniment will win. But a sophisticated video could tip the balance in case of a tie.)

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